Hannah and Holly Blossom Return!

Hannah and Holly Blossom Return!

Hooray! Lots of cupcakes for everyone!

After a win over C.J. Lane, Lady Jojo decided that she needed to show dominance over her defeated opponent. With the help of her protégé, Taryn Shay, they commenced to beating a defenseless C.J. Lane into the mat. Her reasons or motivations were unclear and the OVW Women's Champion and her partner-in-crime were unavailable for comment. Of course, the reason for their  tight lips can only be speculated on.

But we think it's because the cries for help on their assault on C.J. Lane were answered by none other than the Blossom Twins. Hannah and Holly appeared virtually out of nowhere to come to the aid of C.J. Lane. Lady Jojo and Taryn quickly fled the ring and C.J., Hannah, and Holly both celebrated in the ring.

Does the manner in which the Blossoms returned have anything to do with the way they left OVW? After all, Hannah and Holly were both summarily booted from OVW after they lost a "loser leaves OVW" match at the December Saturday Night Special.

I guess we'll find out soon.