The Tearful Breakup

The Tearful Breakup

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

A challenge was recently made to Fighting Spirit. Ryan Nemeth and Paredyse wanted their OVW Southern Tag Team titles. Nemeth, a two-time Southern Tag Team Champion, recently split from Fighting Spirit, where he co-held the tag titles with Christopher Silvio in the stead of an injured Raphael Constantine.

When Constantine healed from an injury by the Elite, he wanted to take his place by Silvio's side as the other half of the Southern Tag Team Champions. That didn't sit too well with Nemeth and during a match to determine who Silvio's Tag Team partner would be between Nemeth and Raphael, the match doesn't end with a winner and the belts are held up.

Nemeth chooses Paredyse to be his partner in a match against Fighting Spirit and the team win. Fighting Spirit demand a rematch and beat Nemeth and Paredyse one month later. And that sums up what got us to this point. As Paredyse and Ryan Nemeth challenged Fighting Spirit for the Southern Tag Team Championship, Fighting Spirit put out a stipulation that the losing team would split and never team again. Ever. Period.

This past week, just as it seemed that Ryan Nemeth was going to get a win over Fighting Spirit, breaking them up, Christopher Silvio illegally hit Ryan Nemeth over the head with a chair. The result? Fighting Spirit retain their titles. And Nemeth and Paredyse are no more.

Reportedly Paredyse is heartbroken that he can't be with Ryan Nemeth any more. It's also been rumored that Paredyse will speak out about this tragedy.