Welcome to the new OVWrestling.com

Welcome to the new OVWrestling.com

It's got that new car smell.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. There is no need to adjust your web browser. This is a brand-spanking new website residing at ovwrestling.com. And yes, even though we're in beta, this site is up and running at full enough capacity for you to enjoy the new features and the newer features that are yet to come.

Why the change? To be quite honest, we wanted to know what the blue pill did. We hope you have no regrets.

The first thing that should grab your attention is the new design. We wanted something that would showcase our company and our stars, but do it with a more modern touch. We've added a bunch of new features that we hope you enjoy as you browse the site. So sit tight and grab some chips, popcorn, or a healthy veggie platter while we show you a small sliver of what we've changed.

Let's first bring our attention to the new OVWrestling.com homepage. We've made our news carousel a bit bigger and easier to navigate. This container will display top news about recent OVW happenings. Below are two columns. The left column will contain all recent articles posted to the site. In the right column we display our newest OVW television episode streaming from our blip.tv site. You'll also see a box with our 5 upcoming events. It's on the front page for quick access. Near the bottom, above the footer, are 5 items from the OVW shop.

Another page to see a facelift is the roster page. Our 5 title holders are displayed big and bold. Moving your mouse over each title holder will slide up a blade displaying more information about that title reign. Below our superstars are displayed in a way where it's easy to identify them. They sorted alphabetically and if you hover your mouse over each superstar, a box will appear showing an abbreviated version of their bio page.

We hope you enjoy the new OVWrestling.com and that it proves to be easier and better to navigate than before. There are more changes to come. Some may be drastic and some may go unnoticed. But there will be more changes.

So don't mind any bugs you happen upon as you're browsing the site. Because they're not bugs. ... Ok, they're bugs.

Enjoy the site. :)


Robert Longo
Webmaster, OVWrestling.com