August Saturday Night Special

August Saturday Night Special

Come see it live

Tomorrow, August 6, will be a great night for professional wrestling. The August Saturday Night Special starts at 7:30 at the Davis Arena. Get there early at 6:30 to get great seats.

Jason Wayne will defend his OVW Heavyweight Championship against Smooth Johnny Spade.

Jamin Olivencia will attempt to exact revenge against the pestering Rudy Switchblade.

Michael Hayes will face Mohamad Ali Vaez on the 5 year anniversary of the loss of his leg to attempt to regain his prosthetic leg.

Izza Belle Smothers will try to unseat OVW Women's Champion Lady Jojo of her championship.

Plus many more unannounced matches!

Also, preorder your copy of the August Saturday Night Special to get your copy specially signed by Lady Jojo and Izza Belle Smothers. Offer ends August 6.