September Saturday Night Special

September Saturday Night Special

Crowns, armies, and titles will be seen.


After being sidelined with serious injuries as the result of an attack by Christian Mascagni's newest acquisition and number one contender to the heavyweight championship Andreas Rossi, Jason Wayne claims he will return to the ring and nothing will stop him from exacting revenge on the self-titled "King of OVW", and broken ribs or not, the championship will stay on his waist!

Mohamad Ali Vaez took it a step too far and has made his war with Michael Hayes personal. Hiding in the shadows, Hayes has hunted Vaez day and night, finally making him crack and leave Michael's captured prosthetic leg behind. However, it seems far too late for such gestures and Hayes is looking to make an example out of Vaez and has announced he has recruited some help to make sure Ali doesn’t squirm out of this one!

Another chapter in the wild feud between Rudy Switchblade and Jamin Olivencia will be written and this time… there are NO RULES! For weeks the odds have been stacked against Olivencia as Switchblade has been employing a crew to protect him and keep Jamin in check. Olivencia has stood his ground but no man can withstand such a force unscathed forever… last week Jamin was the victim of a brutal beatdown that ended with him being thrown plummeting down a flight of stairs. Olivencia is looking to shut Rudy up… by whatever means necessary. THIS IS GUARANTEED TO BE A WILD ONE!!

PLUS! Southern Tag Team titles on the line pitting the newly crowned champion Trailer Park Trash & Jack Black The Fat & Furious against the recently shaky Elite! And…Women’s action and all of your favorite OVW Superstars! Stay tuned to, ovwrestling on Facebook and @ovwrestling on twitter for more matches as they are announced! The summer goes out with a bang September 3 at the Saturday Night Special! Don’t you dare miss it!