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OVW TRAINER MATT CAPPOTELLI recovers from thursday's surgery


                                                       Ohio Valley Wrestling trainer and former WWE superstar Matt
                                                       Cappotelli is facing another battle with a brain tumor.


                                                       Thursday’s update posted to facebook by Matt’s wife Lindsay
                                                       Cappotelli said,” After nine hours in the OR Matt’s surgery is
                                                       finally over. He’s doing well, being his usual jokester self.”


Cappotelli himself shared news of another fight with a brain tumor earlier in the week.

“The tumor that I had removed ten years ago has come back much more aggressively and needs to be

dealt with,” Cappotelli said. “It’s a very large tumor and a there is a portion that is inoperable.”


Thursday surgery was to remove a portion of the tumor to send to pathology.

Cappotelli said, “(It) will determine what exactly we are dealing with and provide insight on future

treatment plans and next steps for the inoperable portion in my brain stem.”


Cappotelli won the third season of WWE’s tough enough, a reality series where young athletes

competed for a contract with the world’s largest sports entertainment company.

After winning the show Cappotelli was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2003 for training. At the time

OVW served as the WWE’s developmental territory. But Matt was forced to retire about ten years ago

before his big break on the WWE’s main stage due to his first battle with a brain tumor. He returned to

OVW in 2014 to lead the company’s beginners and help other young athletes achieve their dreams.

Thousands of messages and well wishes poured in through social media following news Cappotelli’s

latest surgery.


Lindsay Cappotelli said, “ It really means so much and I’m thankful to have so much support from you all.“


Other OVW staff will take over Cappotelli’s beginner’s class while he recovers.


We will continue to update fans on his condition at www.ovwrestling.com


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