Hannah Blossom

Hannah Blossom

Ohio Valley Wrestling

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  • Height: 5'3"
  • Hometown: Manchester, England
  • Entrance Music: "Bring it all back" by S Club 7
  • Signature Move: The Blossom Bomb, DDT, Rolling Senton, Moonsalt
  • Associates: Holly Blossom


Hannah Blossom became part of the OVW roster a year ago when she shocked the OVW fans by not only defeating Epiphany to become the OVW women's champion, in her first OVW TV match, but by revealing she hadn't done it alone. Since then The Blossom Twins have been working hard to show that they are the best women's tag team in OVW history and that with a little love and a whole lot of cupcakes, anything is possible!!