Michael Titus

Michael Titus

Ohio Valley Wrestling

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  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO


I'm Ohio Valley Wrestling's Only Color Commentator. I have a unique hairstyle, eloquent speech, and unmatched abilities. Don't ever second-guess "The Brilliant Broadcaster with Brazen Bombasity," "The Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus because I'm "The Professor of Pulchritude with a Pompous Pompadour" and I will out-wit you at every turn!

Each and every week, I can be heard on OVW TV regaling the moronic-morons with my never-ending tapestry of profound and eloquent phrases!

I have been apart of professional wrestling for almost 5 years. Before my arrival to OVW, I dominated the Colorado wrestling scene as the number 1 wrestling manager. I managed all the top stars and even some stars from yesteryear like Pat Tanaka of Badd Company and the Orient Express. I ring announced. I commentated. I wrestled. I was dubbed the Inter-Gender Colorado wrestler. I can beat up any broad, even Epiphany! I even owned and operated a few wrestling companies. Titus Enterprises may be on hiatus at the moment, but at anytime I could resurrect my organization and become the top manager and most dominate force in OVW!

I'm the greatest of all time and why am I because I'm "The Rocky Mountain Mouth" and I say so!!! Hahaha