Streaming Television Episodes

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Our regular streaming schedule will have all new shows published for debut on Thursday, following the Wednesday taping at the Davis Arena.

OVW is on TV in:

  • Louisville
    • Saturday at 9 am on ION's affiliate station WBNA-TV 21
    • Saturday at noon on RetroTV (digital channel 21.4)
    • Saturday at 10 pm on ‚ÄčION's affiliate station WBNA-TV 21
    • Sunday at 6 pm on ‚ÄčRetroTV (digital channel 21.4)
  • London: Sunday at 7 pm on WOBZ-TV 9.

After a piece of video aired last week to end the show, Trailer Park Trash tries to determine what Michael Titus was doing on his office computer. Stuart Miles continues to harass Michael Hayes by having a member of his Congregation challenge Hayes again for the Television Championship. Plus an update on Cliff Compton. Watch Episode #796 Now!

The War Machine challenge TerreMex for their rematch of the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship while Stuart Miles and his Congregation eyes up Michael Hayes and his OVW Television Championship. Mohamad Ali Vaez shares an important announcement with OVW. Watch Episode #795 Now!

Fresh back from the Saturday Night Special, we have new Southern Tag Team Champions, we have a new Television Champion, and we have a new OVW Senior Referee. Plus Michael Titus shares with us what happened at the SNS when Frank Miller showed up and chased him off. Watch Episode #794 Now!

Michael Hayes gets another chance to reclaim the OVW Television Championship held by Chris Silvio after a failed attempt at the hands of inept referee Josh Ashcraft. The War Machine take on the unlikely team of Mister Marvelous and the OVW Heavyweight Champion Cliff Compton before their match at the SNS. Watch Episode #793 Now!

Gilbert Corsey gets the opportunity to conduct an intimate, one-on-one interview with Frank "Trailer Park Trash" Miller regarding his recent absence from OVW, live at Davis Arena. Dapper Dan gets another opportunity to beat down Robbie Walker. Stuart Miles agrees to a property exchange with Ryan Howe. Watch Episode #792 Now!

Cliff Compton, coming out to talk about the rematch Melvin Maximus is receiving for the OVW Heavyweight Championship, received an unexpected guest in the form of OVW Television Champion Chris Silvio. On a crusade to eliminate Titus Enterprises, Mohamad Ali Vaez sets his sights on Eric Locker. Watch Episode #791 Now!

Members of Titus Enterprises are dropping like off one by one and Michael Titus is scrambling to figure out who it is. Plus Chris Silvio challenges Michael Hayes for the OVW Television Championship. And Cliff Compton gives his first interview as the new OVW Heavyweight Champion. Watch Episode #790 Now!

After a super punch crumpled his brother-in-law Chris Sharpe, Paredyse asks for an explanation from Chris Silvio. The Wild Boyz and TerreMex face off to determine who will face the War Machine at the Saturday Night Special for the Southern Tag Titles. And Cold Cabana returns to OVW to team with Cliff Compton! Watch Episode #789 Now!

Adam Revolver, upset that he hasn't been granted a Television Championship match, pleads his case to Danny Davis on a rematch. Instead, a battle royal was created where 10 men will eliminate each other down to 2 members, where they will compete in a singles match with the winner getting their TV Title Shot. Watch Episode #788 Now!

To determine who will face Melvin Maximus for the OVW Heavyweight Championship at the October Saturday Night Special, Cliff Compton gets his opportunity against the recent for champion Marcus Anthony.  Plus Michael Hayes defends his OVW Television Championship against The Body Guy. Watch Episode #787 Now!