OVW TV Episode #602 is Streaming

Television Episode 602

Air Date: 3/5/2011

With the March Saturday Night Special coming up, Mohamad Ali Vaez makes a unique challenge to Rudy Switchblade. OVW Heavyweight Champion Cliff Compton is in non-title competition and he sends a message to his ladder match opponents.

  • Taryn Shay vs. C.J. Lane

  • Gilbert Corsey
    Gilbert Corsey
    interviews Mohamad Ali Vaez about a challenge to Rudy Switchblade

  • Non-title

    OVW Heavyweight Champion Cliff Compton vs. Shiloh Jonze

  • Benjamin Bray & Mitch Johnson vs. Adam RevolverTed McNaler
    The Elite

  • Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Matt Barela