OVW TV Episode #611 is streaming

Television Episode 611

Air Date: 5/7/2011

Danny Davis address OVW, and Mike Mondo in particular about his actions last week. Also Rudy Switchblade and Jamin Olivencia compete to be the #1 contender for the OVW TV title.

  • Danny Davis addresses OVW about Mike Mondo's attack

  • Non-title

    Adam RevolverTed McNaler
    The Elite
    vs. Asher Knight & Benjamin Bray

  • Highlights from "A Moment in Paredyse"

    Paredyse's guest is Raphael Constantine

  • Shiloh Jonze, Raul LaMotta & Rocco Bellagio
    Rocco Bellagio
    vs. Johnny Spade, Jimbo Onno & Jason Wayne

  • Winner is Number 1 Contender for the OVW Television Championship

    Rudy Switchblade w/ Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Jamin Olivencia