OVW TV Episode #622 is streaming

Television Episode 622

Air Date: 7/23/2011

A new match is scheduled for the August Saturday Night Special concerning the conflict between Mike Mondo, Johnny Spade, and Jason Wayne. As Jamin Olivencia searches for Rudy Switchblade after their impromptu brawl to open last week's show, Rudy will defend his OVW Television Championship against Paredyse.

  • A Moment in Paredyse

    Paredyse interviews Mike Mondo

  • James Thomas & Rocco Bellagio
    Rocco Bellagio
    w/ Bolin Services 2.0 vs. Trailer Park Trash & Joshua Johnson

  • Lady Jojo, Solo Darling, & Lennox Norris vs. Hannah BlossomHolly Blossom
    The Blossoms
    & Ted McNaler

  • Aiden Young vs. Jamin Olivencia

  • Michael Hayes calls out Mohamad Ali Vaez to reclaim his leg

  • Non-Title

    Tony Gunn vs. OVW Heavyweight Champion Jason Wayne

  • OVW Television Championship

    Paredyse vs. Rudy Switchblade