OVW TV Episode #625 is streaming

Television Episode 625

Air Date: 8/13/2011

Christian Mascagni has put the hit out on OVW Heavyweight Champion Jason Wayne, putting up money for anyone who can take out Jason Wayne. While Jason Wayne battles off the bounty hunters, a gauntlet match was held to determine a #1 Contender for his OVW Heavyweight Championship.

  • OVW Heavyweight Champion Jason Wayne talks about his match with Johnny Spade at the August Saturday Night Special

  • Christopher Silvio w/ Mo Green vs. Dylan Bostic

  • Raul LaMotta vs. Ted McNaler

  • OVW Television Championship

    Sean Casey vs. Paredyse

  • Hannah BlossomHolly Blossom
    The Blossoms
    vs. Jessie BelleIzza Belle Smothers
    Smothers Twisted Daughters

  • 10-man Gauntlet Match

    #1 Contendership for OVW Heavyweight Championship

    Featuring Brandon Espinoza, Tony Gunn, Ryan Howe, Lennox Norris, Jamin Olivencia, Andreas Rossi, Alex Silva, Johnny Spade, Rudy Switchblade, Randy Terrez