OVW TV Episode #641 is online

Television Episode 641

Air Date: 12/3/2011

As the Saturday Night Special drawing closer, Randy Terrez demands a title rematch against Rudy Switchblade. Adam Revolver defends his OVW Television Championship and Raul LaMotta causes more mayhem for Bolin Services 2.0.

  • OVW Heavyweight Champion Rudy Switchblade and Christian Mascagni talk about their win last week over Randy Terrez which occurred after the show ended

  • Randy Royal
    Randy Royal
    vs. Paredyse

  • Ace Hawkins vs. Benjamin Bray

  • David Osborne vs. James Thomas w/ Bolin Services 2.0

  • OVW Television Championship

    Andrew Patton vs. Adam Revolver
    Adam Revolver

  • Jason Wayne & Randy Terrez vs. OVW Heavyweight Champion Rudy Switchblade w/ Christian Mascagni & Mystery Opponent