OVW TV Episode #653 is online

Television Episode 653

Air Date: 2/25/2012

Meet the new boss, Josette Bynum, formerly Lady Jojo. Ms. Bynum has taken control over The Family and is the new talent arbitrator. Her most important order of business is to create the main event featuring OMG defending their OVW Southern Tag Team Championship against The Family's Mr. PEC-Tacular and Rob Terry.

  • Nick Cuttler & Nick Dumeyer vs. Jack Black & Joe Coleman w/ Bolin 2.0

  • New talent arbitrator Josette Bynum and Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash discuss their roles within OVW and tonight's main event

  • Adam Revolver
    Adam Revolver
    vs. Chase King

  • Straight Talk

    Brandon Espinosa interviews Paredyse in the debut segment of Straight Talk

  • OVW Television Championship

    Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Christopher Silvio w/ Mo Green & Mary Jane

  • OVW Southern Tag Team Championship

    Jessie Godderz & Rob Terry vs. Shiloh Jonze and Jason Wayne