OVW TV Episode #658 is online!

Television Episode 658

Air Date: 3/31/2012

After last week's blockbuster announcement for the Saturday Night Special match between Trailer Park Trash and Rob Terry for total control of OVW, Josette Bynum and Rob Terry show Trailer Park Trash what he is to look forward to. Paredyse confronts Brandon Espinosa and Shiloh Jonze gets a match against Mohamad Ali Vaez.

  • Josette Bynum sets up a demonstration for Trailer Park Trash
    Trailer Park Trash
    to show what Rob Terry will do to him at the Saturday Night Special

  • OVW Television Championship

    Dave Osbourn vs. Christopher Silvio w/ Mo Green & Mary Jane

  • 2-minute challenge

    Randy Royal
    Randy Royal
    vs. Dylan Bostic
    Dylan Bostic
    w/ Taeler Hendrix

  • Moment in Paredyse

    interviews his guest, Brandon Espinosa

  • James Thomas w/ Bolin Services 2.0 vs. Michael Hayes

  • Mohamad Ali Vaez
    Mohamad Ali Vaez
    vs. Shiloh Jonze
    Shiloh Jonze

  • Josette Bynum and Rob Terry ask Trailer Park Trash
    Trailer Park Trash
    to come to the ring