OVW TV Episode #668 is online!

Television Episode 668

Air Date: 6/9/2012

After a catastrophic night for Josette Bynum's Family, Johnny Spade leads a rallying cry as he gathers up loyal OVW Superstars, some with new OVW championships, to show Ms. Bynum that OVW will no longer stand for her crooked tyranny.

  • Johnny Spade welcomes out new OVW champions Epiphany, Shiloh Jonze & Raul LaMotta, and Jamin Olivencia

  • Eric Wayne vs. Tony Gunn

  • OVW Southern Tag Team Championship

    Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade vs. Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze

  • A Moment in Paredyse

    Paredyse asks for his opponent from the Saturday Night Special Brandon Espinosa to talk about his admission

  • OVW Television Championship

    Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Jamin Olivencia