OVW TV Episode #669 is online!

Television Episode 669

Air Date: 6/16/2012

The partnership ceremony of the year! Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa pledge to share a fulfilling tag team relationship in OVW! Also, don't miss the return of the founder and former​ owner of OVW, the Nightmare Danny Davis! Mr. Davis' return to OVW doesn't disappoint, so don't miss it!

  • OVW Board Member Ken Wayne brings out the entire OVW locker room to announce a tournament for the currently vacant Television Championship and brings out Josette Bynum and former OVW owner Danny Davis

  • OVW Referee Josh Ashcraft
    Josh Ashcraft
    calls out OVW Referee Chris Sharpe
    Chris Sharpe
    for his recent conduct and actions

  • Round One of the Television Championship Tournament

    Cliff Compton vs. Christopher Silvio w/ Mo Green and Mary Jane

  • Partnership ceremony for Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa

  • First Pick for July SNS Best-of-Seven series

    Josette Bynum's Pick vs. Danny Davis's Pick