OVW TV Episode #673

Television Episode 673

Air Date: 7/14/2012

To the victor go the spoils. In a close series filled with surprises and anticipation, Danny Davis was able to defeat Josette Bynum to regain control and full ownership back of OVW. In this episode, Danny lays out new plans and a new vision going forward, complete with assigning Josette Bynum as Trailer Park Trash's new personal assistant.

  • Danny Davis, in full control over OVW addresses the OVW locker room

  • Jessie GodderzRudy Switchblade
    Best Team Ever
    vs. ParedyseBrandon Espinosa
    Mascara Mafia

  • Donny Todd vs. Ryan Howe

  • Los Ben Dejos vs. James Thomas & Michael Hayes

  • 6-man Scramble Elimination

    Winner is #1 Contender for OVW Heavyweight Championship

    Christopher Silvio vs. Cliff Compton vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Jason Wayne vs. Jamin Olivencia vs. Rob Terry