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Episode # 680

Air Date: 9/1/2012 Buy this episode

As the tension rises heading into the SNS, Johnny Spade and Jamin Olivencia agree to choose each other's opponents for tonight's show.
Winner enters 26 in Nightmare Rumble
Jessie Godderz vs. James Thomas vs. Joe Coleman vs. Rudy Switchblade
Winner enters 27 in Nightmare Rumble
Ted McNaler vs. vs. vs. Michael Hayes
Winner enters 28 in Nightmare Rumble
Rob Terry vs. vs. vs.
Winner enters 29 in Nightmare Rumble
Jason Wayne vs. vs. Rocco Bellagio vs. Crimson
Loser enters 1 in Nightmare Rumble
Loser 4-way 1 vs. Loser 4-way 2 vs. Loser 4-way 3 vs. Loser 4-way 4
Beat the Clock Challenge
Johnny Spade vs. ??? & Jamin Olivencia vs. ???