OVW TV Episode #688 is online!

Television Episode 688

Air Date: 10/27/2012

The atmosphere remains charged in OVW after Crimson continues to surprise all with his cunning and deception. As the open of the show was interrupted, a blockbuster 4-way main event was announced with Saturday Night Special implications. Alex Silva cashes in on his rematch against Cliff Compton for the TV title.

  • OVW Heavyweight Champion Crimson talks about Rob Terry and what happened after last week's show

  • Stephon Smith
    Stephon Smith
    vs. James Thomas

  • OVW Television Championship

    Alex Silva vs. Cliff Compton

  • Non-Title

    OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Jessie GodderzRudy Switchblade
    Best Team Ever
    vs. Dylan Bostic & Partner

  • Brandon Espinosa throws a return party for Paredyse

  • Non-title

    Fatal Four Way

    Winner faces Crimson at SNS. If Crimson wins, he gets the night off

    Rob Terry vs. Doug Williams vs. Johnny Spade vs. Crimson