OVW TV Episode #696 is online!

Television Episode 696

Air Date: 12/22/2012

After kicking Josette and Flash out of the Davis Arena last week, Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash asks Josette to bring Flash to the ring to settle their conflict. After stealing the Television Championship last week, Cliff Compton shows up to declare that he is the true TV champ.

  • Trailer Park Trash asks Flash Flanagan and Josette Bynum to the ring

  • Non-Title

    Shiloh JonzeRaul LaMotta
    The Wildcards
    vs. OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Alex Silva & Sam Shaw

  • Dylan Bostic w/ Taeler Hendrix vs. Ace Hawkins

  • Cliff Compton declares himself to be the true OVW Television Champion

  • 6-man Tag Team Match

    OVW Heavyweight Champion Crimson, Jason Wayne, & Joe Coleman vs. James Thomas & ParedyseBrandon Espinosa
    Mascara Mafia