OVW TV Episode #708 is online!

Television Episode 708

Air Date: 3/16/2013

Following last week's crushing announcement that Jamin Olivencia's OVW Heavyweight Championship win was overturned because of a disqualification on the behalf of Doug Williams, Mike Hayes creates a tournament that will see the winner become the #1 contender for Doug's OVW Heavyweight Championship.

  • Jake Dirden vs. Jay Bradley

  • Jamin Olivencia demands that Doug Williams give him a rematch for the OVW Heavyweight Championship

  • Joe Coleman, Jack Black, Raul LaMotta, & Shiloh Jonze vs. Lambda Lambda Lambda, Elvis Pridemoore
    Elvis Pridemoore
    , & Nick Dumeyer

  • Eddie Diamond, with the help of Timmy Danger and Bobbi Bordeaux, tries to apologize to Epiphany

  • OVW Television Championship

    Rockstar Spud vs. Cliff Compton

  • #1 Contendership Semifinal for OVW Heavyweight Championship

    Crimson vs. Rob Terry

  • #1 Contendership Semifinal for OVW Heavyweight Championship

    Jason Wayne vs. Jamin Olivencia