OVW TV Episode #746 is online!

Television Episode 746

Air Date: 12/7/2013

After witnessing the events unfold between Jamin Olivencia, Timmy Danger, and Johnny Spade, OVW owner Danny Davis makes a decision regarding the verdict laid down by the Board of Directors. In the attempt to warm up for his title match against Lei'D Tapa, The Body Guy wrestles Jessie Belle in singles competition.

  • OVW Television Championship

    Shiloh Jonze w/ the Marauders vs. Paredyse

  • Marcus Anthony vs. Leon Shelley

  • Non-Title

    Dylan Bostic & Evan Markopoulos w/ Rae Lynn vs. OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez

  • The Body Guy w/ Melvin Maximus vs. Jessie Belle
    Jessie Belle

  • OVW owner Danny Davis makes a final decision regarding Jamin Olivencia's vacated OVW Heavyweight Championship and the ruse by Timmy Danger and Johnny Spade