OVW TV Episode #751 is online!

Television Episode 751

Air Date: 1/11/2014

Jamin Olivencia wants a rematch against the new OVW Heavyweight Champion Marcus Anthony. Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus defends his new OVW Television Championship. Shiloh Jonze is upset that his Marauders didn't put down Trailer Park Trash and Flash Flanagan at the Saturday Night Special.

  • Jamin Olivencia challenges Marcus Anthony for a rematch for the OVW Heavyweight Championship Anthony won at the SNS

  • OVW Television Championship

    J Best vs. Melvin Maximus w/ The Body Guy

  • Submission Match

    Jay Bradley vs. Leon Shelly

  • Dylan Bostic & Bud Dwight
    Bud Dwight
    vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes

  • Shiloh Jonze is upset the Marauders didn't beat Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash at the SNS

  • OVW Heavyweight Championship

    Jamin Olivencia vs. Marcus Anthony w/ Timmy Danger