OVW TV Episode #762 is online!

Television Episode 762

Air Date: 3/29/2014

Upset with the childish bickering from Timmy Danger, Danny Davis has set the record straight regarding the Sunday edition of the SNS on April 6. He's also placed Adam Revolver in a non-title match against Marcus Anthony with Jamin Olivencia in his corner to protect against interference from Danger.

  • Leon Shelly vs. Aaron Sky

  • Ryan Howe vs. Raul LaMotta w/ the Marauders

  • The Body Guy vs. Eddie Diamond

  • OVW Television Championship

    Clint Poe vs. Mister Marvelous Melvin Maximus

  • The Reverend Stuart Miles commences the cleansing of OVW

  • Lei'D Tapa challenges Randy Royal
    Randy Royal
    to a match

  • Non-Title

    OVW Heavyweight Champion Marcus Anthony w/ Timmy Danger vs. Adam Revolver
    Adam Revolver
    w/ Jamin Olivencia