OVW TV Episode #764

Television Episode 764

Air Date: 4/12/2014

After the way Marcus Anthony retained his OVW Heavyweight Championship, Danny Davis orders Ryan Howe and Marcus Anthony to compete in a rematch for the Heavyweight Championship. Gilbert Corsey interviews Trailer Park Trash about how the Body Guy was able to cheat his way out of the first blood match.

  • Non-Title

    Leon Shelly & Elvis Pridemoore
    Elvis Pridemoore
    vs. OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Dylan Bostic & The Mexicutioner w/ Timmy Danger

  • OVW Television Championship

    Nick Dumeyer w/ The Marauders vs. Mister Marvelous Melvin Maximus

  • Gilbert Corsey
    Gilbert Corsey
    interviews Trailer Park Trash about the outcome of his First Blood match with The Body Guy at the SNS

  • The Reverend Stuart Miles talks about saving OVW from the evil of Paredyse

  • Dapper Dan
    Dapper Dan
    & J Best vs.
    The Sky Walkers

  • OVW Heavyweight Championship

    Ryan Howe vs. Marcus Anthony