OVW TV Episode #776 is online!

Television Episode 776

Air Date: 7/3/2014

Following last weekend's OVW Heavyweight Championship match from Elizabethtown, Gilbert Corsey discusses the aftermath of that match, including the officiating from Chris Sharpe and Josh Ashcraft. Plus Adam Revolver defends his OVW Television Championship against Eddie Diamond.

  • Gilbert Corsey
    Gilbert Corsey
    talks about the outcome of the June 28 Elizabethtown live event match between Marcus Anthony and Jamin Olivencia for the OVW Heavyweight Championship

  • OVW Television Championship

    Eddie Diamond vs. Adam Revolver
    Adam Revolver

  • Randy Terrez vs. Ryan Howe

  • The Body Guy vs. Robbie Walker
    Robbie Walker
    w/ Aaron Sky

  • Marcus Anthony w/ Timmy Danger vs. Clint Poe

  • The Mexicutioner w/ Timmy Danger vs. Jamin Olivencia