OVW TV Episode #778 is online!

Television Episode 778

Air Date: 7/19/2014

With last week's revelation that Micheal Titus was the boss of Danger International came the announcement of a series of matches to determine an opponent for Marcus Anthony. The Result? The main event's Fatal 4-Way match between The Body Guy, Rump Thump, Melvin Maximus, and Mike Hayes will determine his opponent at the SNS.

  • OVW Television Championship

    Robbie Walker
    Robbie Walker
    vs. Adam Revolver
    Adam Revolver
    w/ Michael Titus

  • Shiloh Jonze vs. Raul LaMotta

  • Jason Lee vs. Jamin Olivencia

  • Gilbert Corsey
    Gilbert Corsey
    interviews Flash Flanagan about the future of his career

  • Fatal 4-Way

    Winner is No. 1 Contender for OVW Heavyweight Championship

    The Body Guy vs. Rump Thump vs. Melvin Maximus vs. Michael Hayes