OVW TV Episode #665

Television Episode 665

Air Date: 5/19/2012

After Rob Terry's win over Johnny Spade at the Saturday Night Special, winning his first OVW Heavyweight Championship, Josette Bynum holds a celebration about having all the power and control over OVW. Also Jason Wayne explains his reasons for turning on Johnny Spade and OVW.

  • Jason Wayne explains his motives behind his actions last week against Johnny Spade

  • Aric Kristopher vs. Chito Martinez

  • 3G Eric Wayne & Killer Kid Nikels vs. The Baronis Brothers

  • Jason Wayne vs. Christopher Silvio w/ Mo Green & Mary Jane

  • OVW Television Championship

    Sean Casey vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez

  • James Thomas and Michael Hayes talk about winning Mickey McMichael from Bolin Services 2.0

  • Josette Bynum throws a party to celebrate Rob Terry's OVW Heavyweight Championship win and having full power and control over OVW